Construction Project: Spring Update

May 4, 2020 Update

As of May 4, construction has resumed on Holy Names Academy’s Underground Parking Garage and Athletic Complex. The project meets all requirements set out in Gov. Jay Inslee’s proclamation of April 24 allowing construction projects that meet a low-risk threshold to restart in Washington. Our partner, Andersen Construction, is strictly complying with the state’s special safety requirements for dealing with COVID-19. A comprehensive, site-specific, COVID-19 Plan will ensure the project is controlled at a high level of safety for the welfare of all construction workers as well as the neighborhood.

A dedicated compliance officer will be assigned to the project with complete authority to ensure that all construction workers, as well as partners such as delivery workers, follow the plan completely. Before construction resumes, Andersen will install entry and exit locations with strictly controlled access, place appropriate signage, add hygiene stations and break areas, identify potential choke points, and update the site logistics plan.

All workers will complete online orientation and training in their new daily protocols before they can return to the site. Every day, each worker will be screened by a medical professional before being allowed to sign in to the site; workers who fail the screening will be sent home. Workers will be required to wear an identification wristband at all times. The screening process will be formally documented and tracked by Andersen’s site-management team.

To eliminate crowding on the site, staggered start times, as well as lunch and break times, will be mandated. All workers will wear personal protection equipment at all times, including 100%-face covering, and will be required to maintain 6-foot social-distancing separation. All common areas on the site will undergo daily cleaning and will be provided with additional hygiene/hand-washing stations. Special procedures for accepting deliveries will be implemented to maintain social distancing with drivers.

  • March 30, 2020 Update

    March 30, 2020 Update

    In light of Governor Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order,  Holy Names Academy has made the decision--in collaboration with our construction team--to pause construction activities on the new athletic complex & underground parking garage at this time so that we can do our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19.  A structural engineer is assessing the project for safety and integrity, and the project will have 24/7 on-site security. The project has been very well-managed and executed to date, and we are confident it will be a success despite these challenges.

Way Up We Go!

Below-grade concrete work is complete, a major milestone for the garage portion of the new Athletic Complex and Underground Parking Garage planned to open in November at Holy Names Academy! Andersen Construction’s crew has finished the final concrete pours for the parking garage ramp. Through rain, snow, sun, wind, and sleet, the exceptional crew has worked up to ground level from their start five stories down.

Next: building the steel skeleton for the Athletic Complex! Steel girders have been installed, setting the stage for a state-of-the-art gym with more seating, court, and office space, a Health & Physical Education classroom, team meeting room, updated weight and conditioning facilities, storage, and much more. Follow the project’s progress on the Live “Cougar Cam” and preview the structure here

All-Girls School underground parking garage

A view from one of the top floors of the Underground parking garage.

All-Girls School students peering out a window to HNA construction project pit

Students peer out of the classroom of HNA history teacher Abby Drake ‘96 to assess construction progress. Our entire HNA community is thrilled for the grand opening, but students are especially looking forward to their new gym.

IMG 6211

Andersen Construction Finishing up L1 (Top Floor) of the Underground Parking Garage.

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