HNA's Robotics Reigns Again

Written by Ainsley '23
Edited by Jasmine '23 and Charlotte '24

Reign Robotics, FRC Team 5588, celebrates its 2023 competition season! Founded in 2015, 5588 is currently the only all-female FIRST Robotics Team in Washington State. Starting their off-season practices in September, Reign Robotics began recruiting new members, doing outreach, and teaching the basics of engineering, programming, and business. Their six-week build season began with Kickoff on January 7, where they learned the components of this season's game “Charged Up.” Practices were held five days a week from 3-6:30 p.m. Members, guided by mentors and parent volunteers, began designing, prototyping, and constructing their 2023 robot, “Lizzie.” 

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At their first competition, the team won the Creativity Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation for the robot’s pneumatic braking system (or as the team likes to call them: pterodactyl brakes)! At their second competition, the team was a first-round alliance pick! Now, they move into their post-season practices, where the Reign Robotics members will build on their skills, discover new interests, serve their community, and continue to encourage young women to join the STEM field. 

The coach of Reign Robotics is Eric Van Buren. Mentors include Ayla Delaat, Zach Holly, Jim Prelesnik, Frank Mastrobattista, and Larry Wall. The team is also generously supported by faculty coordinators, volunteers, and other robotics enthusiasts.  

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