HNA: Staying Connected in a Virtual World

A closer look at HNA's online classrooms and powerful virtual community

Amid the disruption and dislocation of pandemic, Holy Names Academy students have found ways to maintain the powerful HNA sense of community online. Class discussions and collaborative learning continue, while virtual "office hours" provide crucial time for students and teachers to check in.

Taking a note from our CHEER! Auction theme this year, we celebrate the superheroes in our community: our diligent students, dedicated faculty and staff, and supportive families. We are grateful to you.

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Scenes from a Discussion in Ms. McGah '01's Senior Theology class

IMG 9979

Students competed in a TikTok-off and earned bonus points for including family members in dance routines. This was a great way to do some different, active, and with the family!

IMG 9968

Some of the Entries to HNA's Quarantine Cupcake Competition Earlier this Month. 

Healthy Tips from Our School Counselors

  • Work healthy eating and hydration into your day. Health officials recommend drinking 8 glasses of 8 fl. oz. of water (64 fl. oz. total) per day at a minimum!
  • Cleaning or organizing your room, work space, or shared spaces can not just benefit your family unit, but can also keep you moving in a productive, low-impact way.
  • Take a break from the screen with a walk, yoga, circuit training, solo dance party, or other exercises.

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