Did you know that eight years ago HNA did not have a Theatre and Film Department Creative Team? Fast forward a few short years and the group has grown from nonexistence to 30+ students. This talented and dedicated team is responsible for costumes, lighting, sound, hair, and makeup for all HNA and some O’Dea productions.

HNA Sophomore and Creative Team member Em recently sat down with a few fellow students to discuss what makes this club so special and why they participate. Em shares a few thoughts from Sonja, Katherine, and Alex who collectively have worked on HNA productions including Mamma Mia!, Clue, and the upcoming spring musical Beauty and the Beast.

The Creative Team is hard at work preparing for the upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast, which runs April 20-22 in the HNA Auditorium. Sarah Wahlen, HNA’s Director of Theatre and Film, remarks, “Led by our Creative Team Advisor, Lisa Island Hilbert, this is one of the most talented groups we have ever had, and they are working together to make some truly exquisite pieces for this show.” 

Caryn Geraghty Jorgenson Spring Musical 2023

Beauty and the Beast tickets are available online only (not sold at the door). Come out and support the entire Theatre and Film Department!

Beauty and the Beast student poster

Sonja: “[The Creative Team] is really welcoming. I feel like I had no connections to theater, but I just jumped in and it’s been a really good experience so far. I feel so included already. It’s really nice. ... There are so many people that are older than me, with a lot more experience. I enjoy learning from them and seeing how they have built this community around what they love. I think it’s a really important thing to see and get to be a part of.”

Katherine: “This past year with Clue, I was part of visual arts, but I know that costuming went really well. We’ve gotten much more hands-on and crafty. We’re actually making stuff from scratch and sewing!”

Alex: “I have been working hard on making new changes, and using all of the materials that we have available to us, when it comes to lighting this year. We single-handedly set up the comms system backstage that has made it to a point where we can quite literally stage manage. … Theatre makes communication skills an extremely important part of your job.”

Em’s full interview will be published in the student-run newsletter The Dome.



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