Accreditations & Affiliations

Holy Names Academy has been a fully accredited member of the Northwest Association of Independent Schools since 1983.

Every 8 years, Holy Names Academy undergoes a thorough and rigorous review process, which includes a self-study, a visit from the NWAIS team, and a response to recommendations. Holy Names Academy values the opportunity to reflect on our mission and vision so that we continue to provide the highest quality education, learning environment, and collaborative working culture for our school community.

What is NWAIS?

The Northwest Association of Independent Schools is a nonprofit membership association that provides accreditation, professional development, and support services to over 110 schools in Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.


Essential Characteristics of NWAIS Schools

  1. Commitment to the Public Good
  2. Effective Governance and Operations
  3. Physical Location or Place
  4. Primary Focus of Academic Education
  5. Commitment to the Best Interests of Children
  6. NWAIS Non-discrimination State for Affiliated Schools


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