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Connect with Us

Address Update

Keeping your address and contact information current will help us make sure you have the most up-to-date information about Holy Names Academy Alumnae news and events.

Transcript Request

Alumnae who need transcripts should:

Send a written, signed request with the following information to the Registrar: Your name in school, year of graduation or attendance, and where you wish to have the transcript sent. Include $5.00 per transcript.

Contact the Registrar, Ann Switzer '88, if you need clarification at (206) 720-7823 or

Social Media Updates

We post the latest updates on what Alumnae are up to on our Facebook and Instagram! You'll also be able to find information and registration links for upcoming Alumnae events.

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Join the HNA Network

Our LinkedIn group is a great resource for alumnae new to the job market, interested in learning about other professions, or just want to see what other HNA alumnae are up to!



Where in the World Are HNA Alumnae?

Download the HNA Where in the World Alumnae sign PDF (right) and snap a picture wherever you are! You can email it to to have your photo featured on the HNA Alumnae Facebook and Instagram pages. 



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