Holy Names Academy is on its journey towards diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging. As a place of learning, HNA is working intentionally to build a place where all feel their unique thoughts, ideas, and perspectives matter. The school centers its SNJM values of justice, service to those who are marginalized, hospitality, and commitment to liberating actions to grow in the creation of a welcoming, representative, and diverse community.  

At Holy Names Academy, we believe that in order to create an environment where all feel they can bring their best, authentic selves, we must create a collective, multiracial, equitable, and inclusive space where all feel they belong. Our journey has taught us that we must weave our work together, with an intentional and well-thought-out plan. We have centered our foundation work in the following areas, with the knowledge that our work will grow as we do. 


HNA's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging (DEIJB) Plan was designed by the school's DEIJB Committee, Administration, and Board of Trustees. It contains five major objectives that each have goals and assessment and evaluation criteria. We invite you to read the plan.

Student UnionS

HNA has a Multicultural Student Union (MSU) and five Affinity Groups (AGs): Black Student Union; Asian, Pacific Islander Student Union; Latinx Student Union; Multiracial Student Union; and Middle Eastern Student Union. 

DEIJB Committee

HNA's DEIJB Committee is responsible for creating data-driven analysis and action steps that support the DEIJB Plan. This committee is made up of members of HNA's faculty, staff, and administration. Learn more about the committee's work below. 




HNA hosts a number of DEIJB events for its parents and students. The school also promotes community-wide DEIJB events for its community members to attend. Read about upcoming events. 


Holy Names Academy integrates DEIJB principles in its academic curriculum. This includes the intentional weaving of DEIJB in curriculum design, intersectional and culturally responsive reading materials, and more! 

Student REsources

DEIJB Principles are integrated into HNA's school counseling, academic support coordination, college counseling, and library curriculum. Read about the resources available to HNA students. 


A Message from HNA's DEI Coordinator


As individuals, we have our own internal power. It is a power that comes from the wisdom, strength, joy, and love of those who came before us. It is a power wrapped in a history that required activists to help us remember our humanity, when those in power had forgotten. That is faith, is it not? Allowing us to be brave when we are scared. Allowing us to rise, when we would rather fit in. Our work at Holy Names Academy is to bring our individual internal power, our deep love for humanity, our faith, and our bravery together to achieve collective liberation. We are working towards centering those most impacted by racism and oppression so that all human beings can thrive. We are striving to work diligently at the systems level towards the elimination of barriers that lead to oppression. Our work is a journey to center the voice of social justice, not charity. It is an honor to be in community with each of you in our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging work. It is my sincere belief that each person has a gift to bring to our collective table, and you are always invited, just as you are, to this social justice family.
~ Indira Bahner



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