Athlete Registration

There are two steps required for athletes to register to participate on an athletic team at Holy Names Academy:

STEP 1: Register Online at FamilyID 

Before a student may turn out for a sport, she and a parent must complete the online athletic registration and permission forms for Holy Names Academy athletics at the website FamilyID. 

After submitting a one-time family registration with FamilyID, parents and their athletes must complete the registration for their athlete(s) AND complete online acknowledgment of three agreements:

  1. Parent Permission for Athletic Participation and Emergency Medical Treatment
  2. Acknowledgment of Concussion and Head Injury Information
  3. Acknowledgment of HNA Athletic Handbook
STEP 2: Submit a Physical Evaluation Form

Each student-athlete must also download the printed form Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PDF) or obtain a copy from the Athletic Office, undergo a physical examination by a physician licensed in the State of Washington, and submit the form (signed by the physician) to the Athletic Office. This form is valid for 24 months from the date signed; a current form must be on file with the Athletic Office during each year the student intends to participate on any HNA athletic team(s).

No student will be permitted to participate in athletic tryouts, practices, or games until registration is complete on the FamilyID site AND the annual Physical Evaluation form is filed with the Athletic Office. 

CREW ONLY: Submit a Crew Float-Test Form

All HNA rowers and coxswains are required to take a float test to verify that they are able to float and/or swim for at least 10 minutes.

Please note: Athletes must re-register for each sport

Athletes trying out for additional sports later in the school year or in subsequent years for the same sport must return to the FamilyID website to re-register for each sport in each year, and, if necessary, update their contact, medical, or insurance information. Because the student’s information is stored online with FamilyID, this re-registration process will normally be brief.

Privacy Policy and Data Retention

After a student graduates from Holy Names Academy, or chooses not to continue to participate in interscholastic athletics, or leaves the school before graduating, she and her family have the right to request that most of her personal information be permanently deleted from FamilyIDs records. Personal information necessary for Holy Names Academy to verify the school’s compliance with state and federal law or regulations of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association may be retained. To request the information be deleted, call FamilyID at (888) 800-5583, Ext. 1.  All personal information is subject to the complete Privacy Policy of FamilyID, Inc., which is available on the firm’s website.

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