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There are many ways to be a part of our exceptional theatre and music programs. Aspiring screenwriter or director? Look to our New Works Festival as a way to share your talent. Avid singer? Explore any of our three choirs. Ardent bassist? Jump into Jazz or Rock Band. Whatever your interest, Holy Names Academy is excited to help you pursue and develop it.

Theatre & Film

Our Theatre & Film Department puts on three productions every year: the Fall Play, Spring Musical, and New Works Festival, a collection of student-written and directed 10-minute plays and short films. We also have a TheatreSports team, which is an improvisational-acting club; members take part in improv competitions. Participation for all productions is accomplished through an auditions and casting process. Opportunities to work behind the scenes in costume design, hair and makeup, marketing, lighting and sound design, and theatre tech, are also available. 

Holy Names Academy is a yearly participant and recognized school in The 5th Avenue Awards: Honoring High School Musicals.


Holy Names Academy offers Concert Choir, Advanced Concert Choir, and Vocal Ensemble. Choir is open to all students and meets twice a week before school, while Advanced Concert Choir requires auditioning and meets three times a week, also before school. Vocal Ensemble is a small, auditioned group of singers and meets daily as a class.


Are you interested in playing an instrument? Holy Names Academy offers the following instrumental ensembles for students with at least 2 years of experience: Jazz Band, Orchestra, Rock Band, and Eclectic Strings. Even if you have never played, you are welcome to learn an instrument through our music lesson program.

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  • Fall Play

    A drama or comedy. Auditions required.

  • Spring Musical

    Presented by theatre and music students. Auditions (acting, singing, dancing) required.

  • New Works Festival

    Student-written and directed 10-minute plays and short films. Auditions required.

  • TheatreSports

    A competitive improvisational acting group that runs all year. Auditions required.

  • Concert Choir

    Open to all students; meets before school twice a week.

  • Advanced Concert Choir

    An auditioned group; meets before school three times a week.

  • Vocal Ensemble

    A small, auditioned group of singers; meets daily as a class.

  • Jazz Band

    Open to all students; meets before school three times a week.

  • Orchestra

    A large ensemble that features brass, strings, woodwinds, keyboard instruments, and percussion; meets before school two times a week, with one additional weekly rehearsal for string players only.

  • Rock Band

    A weekly group music lesson where students learn to play pop music in preparation for our annual rock show in the spring.

  • Eclectic Strings

    A small ensemble that features players of plucked, bowed, and strummed string instruments; meets before school twice a week.

  • Private Lessons

    Instruction in voice and most instruments is available for an additional fee. Group lessons may also be arranged in accordance with student and teacher interest. Please view this PDF to read about Music Lesson Information for the 2023-2024 school year. To sign up for private lessons, please contact Taryn Webber, HNA's Music Director, and review the HNA Music Lesson Agreement document.

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