Holy Names Academy has over 141 years of history, and with that come beloved traditions and events. 

Class Names & Colors

At Holy Names Academy, each grade receives a class name as they progress from 9th to 10th grade. Incoming 10th-grade students become Skippers (red), Cadets (yellow), or Pipers (blue). They keep their color and name for their remaining three years of high school, and dress in their color for spirit days. The 9th-grade class selects their own name every year and their color is green. 


Holy Names Academy students walk, jog, or run around a nearby track as a fundraiser for our Athletics program. Students go all out with their spirit wear, and the Sport & Spirit Officers bring a DJ to keep things moving!

Rose Games

We celebrate our school's birthday on November 9 with inter-grade volleyball games. A favorite among students, this day brings out the spirit and the sisterhood that makes Holy Names Academy so special. 

Class Day 

Every May, seniors take the Holy Names Academy stage to say goodbye to the students in younger classes. The soon-to-be graduates share songs, dance, poetry, and many other talents with the school. 

Senior Prom Receiving Line

Before heading to Prom, seniors first gather on the front steps of Holy Names Academy for photos with friends and family. They are then welcomed into the school to head down the Receiving Line, where they have a chance to thank their teachers from their four years at HNA. 


Teams that advance to State Championships run through the halls of HNA as hundreds of fellow students line their way, clapping and cheering them on. 

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