HNA Mock Trial's 2022-2023 Season Has Begun!

With 36 students participating, HNA's Mock Trial program is running three competitive teams this year—the most in the program's history!

This year’s case is a criminal case (each year, it alternates between civil and criminal) called “Swat the Fly,” which focuses on the crime of “swatting”—a prank calling the police to report a serious enough crime to require the SWAT team. The defendant is charged with first-degree manslaughter, and his trial deals with the legal question of whether a parent's reckless or negligent actions directly resulted in the death of their child's friend after a swatting incident. Students will play the roles of lawyers and witnesses and compete against other teams in a real courtroom later this season.

To help explain the various legal issues at play, three HNA parents, who are practicing attorneys, were invited to lend their insights and expertise. They started with a general discussion panel and Q&A. Students then broke out into defense and prosecution groups for more specific discussions about their approach to the case.

The teams will take a field trip to the University of Washington School of Law in January. District competitions begin in February, followed by the State competition in March.

20221107_Holy_Names_Academy_Mock Trial_001

HNA Mock Trial students pictured with the three parent volunteers, who are practicing attorneys!

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