Holy Names Academy welcomed hundreds of students from many schools throughout the greater Seattle region to its Fall Open House this weekend! Prospective students and families toured through HNA’s historic building, hearing about the school’s excellent academic, arts, athletic, spiritual, and leadership programs.

Prospective families consistently expressed their enthusiasm for all that HNA offers. And by all accounts, the highlight of the day was hearing directly from HNA’s exceptional young women. During a panel presentation, Brissi ’25 explained that when she entered HNA, she was a shy student looking for a school with not only a strong academic program but also an environment in which she could be herself. At HNA, she has learned to express herself and represent her culture through clubs and activities such as HNA’s Multicultural Student Union. Describing her experience at HNA as “adventurous,” Brissi explained that “there is always a new adventure waiting, and it is worth the excitement and the risk to try new things.”

Likewise, Cam ’24 described finding her voice at HNA. She explained, “When I told my mom I would be a student speaker today, she began to cry, which by no means was the reaction I was expecting. She told me that throughout elementary and middle school, whenever she went to parent-teacher conferences, the teacher would always comment that I never spoke up in class. So, I went from the kid who never talked to speaking with you all here today … [B]eing here at Holy Names provides opportunities like no other. I’ve found my voice and been challenged to do things out of my comfort zone.”

To Cam, “The HNA Advantage” means sisterhood, which “is a reminder of the driven people who make up our student body every day to better themselves and inspire those around them to do the same.” She noted that there were many reasons she chose HNA, “but the biggest one was that there is a clear balance here. The academics, athletics, teachers, extracurriculars, and resources here challenge the HNA student body in multiple aspects of their lives.”

With years of experience under the Dome, Simone ’23 told prospective students about the many opportunities HNA would provide them: “Attending Holy Names Academy will allow you to find out who you are, what matters to you, and how to achieve it. You’ll become more rooted in your beliefs and begin to think critically. You’ll find it possible to excel in multiple subject areas and learn how you can contribute who you are to a larger community. Most of all, you will develop the skills to succeed in all aspects of your life, and you’ll find your home under the Dome, just as I have. I’ve adored being a Holy Names student, and I know you will too.”


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