Whatever your passion, we are excited to help you pursue it at
Holy Names Academy. 
  • Ani-Mayhem

    Celebrates and shares the love of Japanese animation.

  • Art Club

    A community for those who love to create all types of art projects, including painting, sculpture, and printmaking.

  • Book Club

    Members select one book each month for reading and discussion, and share ideas and reading suggestions at meetings and through a SharePoint site.

  • Cards for Kids

    Makes greeting, birthday, and holiday cards for the families & friends of patients at Children’s Hospital.

  • Cougar Records

    Students present and discuss favorite contemporary music.

  • French Club

    Explores French culture and seeks opportunities to speak the French language.

  • Girl Power Club

    Promotes female empowerment and discusses topics related to women around the world.

  • Green Team

    Dedicated to preserving the environment.

  • Harry Potter Club

    For students interested in reading, watching, and dramatizing Harry Potter scenes, and creating crafts based on themes.

  • International Thespian Society

    An honorary group for students with demonstrated achievements in theater arts.


    Members discuss topics and current events to promote respect for all human life.

  • Mock Trial

    Studies, researches, and prepares a hypothetical court case for trial competition, sponsored by the YMCA and the State of Washington.

  • Multicultural Student Union (MSU)

    Open to all students and educates the student body about diversity issues and cultures. MSU encourages students of all backgrounds to first discuss and then act upon ways to overcome cultural barriers. MSU includes the following focus groups: the Black Student Union (BSU),  Asian/Pacific Islander Focus Group (API), Latina Student Union (LSU), and Middle Eastern Student Union (MESU).

  • National Honor Society

    Promotes scholarship, service, leadership and character.  Eligibility begins second semester of 10th grade.

  • Robotics Team

    Builds a robot to compete in events sponsored by First Robotics.

  • Sci Fi Club

    Seeks to introduce science-fiction literature, television, and film to new readers and share experience among old fans through reading discussions, writing workshops, and film screenings.

  • Social Justice Committees

    Discusses issues and acts to alleviate social injustices that are at the heart of the charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Every year, students in each grade vote on a theme for their grade's Social Justice Committee.

  • Student Magazine, The Dome

    Covers various aspects of life at HNA and invites students to submit articles and art.

  • Theatre & Film Club

    Open to all students interested in theatre and film, and in attending local performances.

  • Theatresports

    Participants compete in improvisational theatre games and competitions.

  • Trivia Bowl

    Students research and practice in preparation for competitions, including History Bowl and Knowledge Bowl.

  • True Colors

    Open to all who strive to create a safe and loving environment that supports all students in our community.  Members seek to build relationships of respect and compassion while fostering acceptance for others.

  • Walt's Club

    For students interested in watching and studying Disney animation films.


    Discusses the various areas of wellness and plans activities for the school community.

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