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All-Girls School

Multiple studies show students at all-girls high schools feel more support, respect, and self-confidence; have greater aspiration and motivation, and are surer in their math, engineering, and logic skills (Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA).

As a member of the International Coalition of Girls' Schools (ICGS), Holy Names Academy challenges young women to develop their talents and career interests to their best advantage.

Challenged and Supported

95% of students in all-girls high schools feel supported by their teachers (vs. 84% of girls at coed schools)
90% feel supported by other students (vs. 73% of girls at coed schools)
83% feel supported by their school administrators (vs. 63% of girls at coed schools)

Holmgren, Richard. Steeped in Learning: The Student Experience at All-Girls Schools, Allegheny College, 2014.

Women Who Lead

Holy Names Academy inspires young women to excel in life with confidence and courage and lead with integrity. We are proud to offer students a wide variety of ways to get involved in leadership roles and to have Faculty & Staff who provide mentorship. Read more about leadership opportunities at HNA on our Student Leadership page.

60% of girls school grads report higher self-confidence than coed peers.

80% of HNA students hold leadership positions during their four years.
Women Who Lead

Sax, Linda. Women Graduates of Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools: Differences in their Characteristics and the Transition to College, UCLA, 2014.

college readiness

Our robust Advanced Placement program offers HNA students the opportunity to earn college credit and prepare for college-level rigor in their classes. 

82% of the Class of 2022 received academic scholarship and award offers from colleges and other organizations with a collective value of $40.1 million.

70.2% of the Class of 2022 earned AP Scholar recognition and 44.9% achieved the highest level of AP Scholar Award.

In 2022, the College Board awarded 196 AP Scholar designations to Holy Names Academy students: 95 AP Scholars with Distinction, 42 AP Scholars with Honor, and 59 AP Scholars.

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Diversity & Inclusion At HNA

  • Women of color comprise 39.3% of our student population.
  • We are committed to the integration of diverse voices and perspectives in the curriculum.
  • The Faculty & Staff Diversity Committee meets monthly to discuss issues of race, equity, and social justice that impact our community.
  • Special Events & Programming: Reception for Families of Students of Color, Mix-it-Up Day, Assemblies, Speakers, Social Justice Week, Peace & Justice Day, Field Trips.
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development of the whole person

Holy Names Academy was founded by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM), an international congregation dedicated to the full development of the human person through education, social justice, contemplation, and the arts.

HNA students are passionate about community service and social justice. Our students have collectively logged a record 27,000 service hours in the 2018-2019 school year.
Taylor O'brien

Many HNA students travel on cultural, language-immersion, or service trips every year to cities and countries around the world.

All-girls school graduates are three times more likely to consider engineering careers.


All-girls school graduates report higher confidence in their ability to support their arguments with logic and seek alternative solutions to a problem than their peers in coed schools.


All-girls school graduates report higher confidence in math and science-related skills than graduates of coed high schools.


 Rigger-Piehl, Tiffani, et al. Fostering Academic and Social Engagement: An Investigation into the Effects of All-Girls Education in the Transition to University. Higher Education Research Institute, December 2018.

HNA Alumnae: leading without limits

Holy Names Academy is proud to have graduated over 11,000 young women. Our network of alumnae spans across the world and in virtually every career field. We are excited to share a few notable alumnae below, and we encourage you to explore our Alumnae page to read more about our alumnae community.

Notable Alumnae:
  • Commander Emily Basset ’95, Reactor Officer, USS Gerald R. Ford, United States Navy Aircraft Carrier
  • Julia Reed ’05, Consulting Manager, Kinetic West
  • Angela Rye, J.D., ’98,  Political Commentator, CNN
  • Lindsay Meyer ’07,  former member of the US Rowing Team, 5th Place in Quadruple Sculls in 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • Meagan Flynn ’85, Associate Justice, Oregon Supreme Court
  • Celia Chavez ’86, Los Angeles-based professional singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, vocal arranger and coach, and music educator
  • Katherine Zappone ’72, member of Irish Parliament
  • Ngozi Musa '15, Brand Marketing Associate at Outdoor Voices

Emily Bassett '95 in front of the uss Manchester

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Julia Reed '05 with President Barack Obama


Celia Chavez '86 performing while on tour with enrique iglesias

One third (33%) of faculty & staff are Holy Names Academy alumnae.
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