Educators from SNJM Network of Schools Gather for Blessed Marie Rose Pilgrimage

Thirty-two representatives from the SNJM Network of Schools, including Seattle’s Holy Names Academy, gathered in Montreal during the first week of October. The educators came from seven high schools across the U.S. and Canada that were founded by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. They visited the sacred sites of Blessed Marie Rose, who founded the SNJM congregation in Quebec in 1843, and reflected on the group’s shared mission of education, faith, justice, and leadership. The sense of connection among their schools was strengthened as the group visited the Congregational House, Foundation House (pictured), and towns along the Richelieu River, where Blessed Marie Rose lived and ministered.

Holy Names Academy teachers and staff attending were Liz Swift, Barbara Dallman, Francis Olson, Tricia Johnson, April Little, Patti Smith, and Julie Tilghman.

IMG 3071[1]

Francis Olson and SNJM Associate Vita Lewis, sr. Lorna Cooney, SNJm, and Sr. Suzanne Brault, SNJM.

IMG 3043[1]

Blessed Marie Rose and Mélodie Dufresne (Marie-Agnès) met Hedwidge Davignon (Véronique-du-Crucifix) at Lake Hertel on Mount St. Hilaire on October 6, 1841 during a revival of 25 to 30 thousand people of all ages. The three young woman felt certain God was calling them to be religious and education young girls and accompany them in their faith development.

HNA Group In Front Of BMMR House 2 Cropped

HNA representatives and Sr. Judy Ryan, SNJM in front of The SNJM Foundation House in longueuil, Quebec.

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CoCathedral Saint-Antoine-De-Padoue of Longueuil, Where Blessed MArie Rose is laid to rest.

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