Mike and Barbara Evans:
Empowering the Next Generation

Barbara Evans served the Holy Names Academy community for many years as the school's publications editor. Mike and Barbara's daughter Anna, graduated from the Academy in 1997. The entire Evans family continues to be loyal supporters of the HNA mission. 


Confident and Compassionate Graduates

When we reflect on our daughter’s experience at HNA, we see how much she gained and was able take forward into her adult life. We’ve seen the same effect on her classmates and on the students I encountered when I worked there. To see shy 9th graders emerge as knowledgeable, compassionate, and confident seniors, year after year, confirms the sense of empowerment HNA gives its graduates. 

Anne graduated in 1997 with superb preparation for college, winning academic honors and enabling her to be helpful to fellow students whose high school preparation had been insufficient. She has gone on to a successful teaching career in Theology, Ethics, and Social Justice, and credits her HNA education as a prime reason for her success.

Empowering Connection

Each year, at the annual fall Scholarship Reception, donors and student recipients have a chance to meet each other.  This is the moment when giving becomes real.  The room fills with warm appreciation, as students discover who is supporting them, and donors hear about the dreams and aspirations they are helping to empower.  Giving to HNA is personal and meaningful, and that’s why we choose to do it.


Opportunity for All

Attending HNA is an opportunity that should be available to young women of any economic background.  We want to ensure that we keep a good thing going, so we began to give annually to three scholarship endowments. These represent, respectively, the school’s outstanding leadership, faculty/staff, and students, and they reflect our gratitude for the HNA community of which we still feel a part.


"I gained an exceptional foundation from Holy Names. When I got to college I knew how to study, how to think, and how to write. I'm thankful that Holy Names gave me exposure to a diverse student body. I had classmates who were from different racial and socio-economic backgrounds. I am especially grateful for making many wonderful and lifelong friends. Two of my HNA friends are even godmothers to my children."

– Mike and Barbara’s daughter, Anne Evans Kramer ’97

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